Goldenslot วิธีการวางเดิมพัน ไฮโลออนไลน์

Goldenslot วิธีการวางเดิมพัน ไฮโลออนไลน์

Hilo online is a gambling game. There are three sides of a 6-sided dice device. Every side has three points from 1 to 6. The dealer then puts the dice in the dish and covers the lid and shakes. The player will bet on the points of the dice that come out on top 3 sides. By betting, the points will have many forms as follows

There are 7 forms of Hi-Lo betting.

  1. The favorite, high – low, pays one time the amount bet.

By counting the points of all 3 dice

High points range from 11-17

Low will have points from 4 – 10

If all 3 dice have the same numbers, all 3 (Tong) will give the dealer to win because it is considered a wager.

  1. Teng Teng pays one time the amount of the bet.

Which can be seen from all 3 dice. If there is a number bet on all 3 dice will win, but these 3 inside balls have 2 numbers to bet, will get 2 per. And if within these 3 numbers have numbers Placing bets on all 3 balls will receive 3 per

  1. Bet a big number, pay 5 times the amount bet

By choosing 2 numbers to bet on, hoping that these 3 dice will have the number to toss out

  1. Bet an odd even number, pay 8 times the amount bet

By choosing 1 number to bet on by calculating that all 3 of these dice will have the same number of 2 tote out

  1. Teng Teng Total Points Pay according to the points issued

By counting the points of all 3 dice, there will be a total of 4 points to 17 points to choose from to play.

  1. Bet Tong pays 150 times the amount bet.

By looking at all 3 dice, if there are 3 identical numbers that match the bet Will be the winner

  1. Tong bet pays 24 times the amount bet.

By looking at all 3 dice, only the same 3 numbers. No need to specify the number, just a Tong will win.

As for playing dice online, there will be countdown times for players to place bets. Players can place bets. After the countdown bet has finished Staff will shake the dice. After the dice shaking is complete Players can see the points of the three dice that appear. And there will be a key effect of all three dice on the game page And calculate the bet results based on the dice that appear In the event that the Hi-Lo is shaking open If the dice are tilted or stacked Or the lid hits the dice Therefore cannot see the exact result The staff will shake the dice again. By taking the second shaking effect If the result is as follows The table game operator will have to shake the  online dice   again and count the points for the second result. Well, when knowing the rules and procedures Play online dice Together, then you can start playing immediately